Blog en-us (C) ( Wed, 05 Apr 2017 18:22:00 GMT Wed, 05 Apr 2017 18:22:00 GMT Blog 120 80 New Toys While I have not been able to do as much photography as I would like to lately, I have done some upgrading of equipment and getting some new stuff to play with.

I have recently  upgraded my camera body to a Canon 5d Mk4.  It shoots at 7 FPS, which is perfect for wave shooting. 

Here are some recent shots taken with the new body

_99A0151.jpg_99A0151.jpg _99A0088.jpg_99A0088.jpg _99A0594.jpg_99A0594.jpg _99A0758.jpg_99A0758.jpg _99A0922.jpg_99A0922.jpg

The other new toy that I picked up was the GoPro Karma drone.  I have been waiting to purchase a drone until this came out.  Not that the Karma has all the functions of some of the other drones, but the versatility of the Karma is why I chose it.  The fact that it uses a GoPro (Black 5) and I can take it right from the air, to put on my housing and into the water makes it just what I wanted / needed.  Also the fact that the Black 5 shoots in RAW makes it much better to editing photos.  Here are a couple of examples so far:

GOPR0228.jpgGOPR0228.jpgC:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0228.GPR GOPR0151.jpgGOPR0151.jpgC:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0151.GPR GOPR0154.jpgGOPR0154.jpgC:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0154.GPR GOPR0166.jpgGOPR0166.jpgC:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0166.GPR GOPR0130.jpgGOPR0130.jpgC:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0130.GPR

I hope you enjoyed these new images, and would love to know what you think down in the comments section..

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Where the hell... So it has been some time since my last post here...

As I have said before, life sometimes gets in the way of my passion for photography.  That is what led me to this latest extend time away from the blog.  As some of you know, I moved to the Tampa Florida area back in June.  Since then, it has been about adjusting to my new area, my kids new schools, working remotely for a company in California, and the list goes on and on.  

I have, however gotten my camera back in gear and have started to explore my new surroundings, and I have to say, I am really liking it.  The waves are not like I had in Southern California, but that just give me the opportunity to try new things and have fun playing with landscapes.  Here are just a few images that I have taken in Central Florida...

I created the above image at a place I just randomly saw on my way to my father-in-laws house.

Here a view from outside my front door..

By far the most difficult thing about this move has been finding waves in the Gulf.  I have been lucky so far, but you really need to search for them here.  

I hope you enjoyed a look at some of the images I have taken so far here in Florida.  You can see more daily images on my Florida feed on Instagram (@Ronald.Hons).

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People too.. While most of my work that is posted on my site and throughout my social media highlights landscape, wave and sunsets, I do also do a lot of portrait work.  

I have done a few portrait shoots that I would wanted to highlight.  Depending on what the client wants, I do still like to incorporate both water and landscape into my shoots.  Living on the coast, you really can't help not to.  Here are some of my favorites from recent portrait shoots...

The first couple of shots were from a SR portrait shoot that I did.  The client really wanted to be have a nature / beach feel to the images.


The next shoot was for a bikini company...

This shoot was for a fitness blogger to use for her website and social media outlets.  

This shoot (my most recent one) was for a yoga teacher who is blogging for the SUP paddle board company she is working with.


I hope you enjoyed these images.  

If you liked the look and feel of these you can always book a shoot with me by emailing me at

You can also view more of my portrait work in my FACES gallery.

Follow me on Instagram where I post a good majority of my work (@Ronald.Hons).  I have recently started a new feed there (formerly @hons24)

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Beauty from above Well... that was a bit of a break.. 

Life has been a bit busy for me since the summer.  My normal 9-5 got super demanding and baby #2 arrived.  But, I am back and hope to be able share more of my recent shots since then.  

First, lets start back with a shoot I did from the air.  I went up during sunset during a fall night in San Diego and was able to come away with some images that I was very happy with.  It actually spawned a new gallery on my site.. 

Take a look:

As stated above, I started a new gallery for my aerial photos.  Go to:

I would love to know what you think in the comments section.


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4th of July As the day went on this past 4th of July, my wife wanted less and less to go out and deal with the crowds to watch the fireworks in San Diego.

So stayed home, I went to one of my favorite spots on the cliffs in La Jolla to get some shots of the fireworks…

Here is what I came away with..

While it was cloudy all day, the sun did manage to peak out for the last few mins...

A little 60 sec exposure before the light show started...

These were not the fireworks I came out to get, but I did like these much more than the actual La Jolla show.

Here is a closer shot of the fireworks that were going off on Mission Bay.

I was a little sad that I didn't have my 300mm with me for these shots...

Hope you enjoyed these.  More blog posts coming soon.



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More time in the OC A few weeks ago, I had to spend two days in Orange County for my normal job.  My meetings didn't start until 9:30 on the first day, so I left my house very early, so I could get in a sunrise session prior to my first meeting.  I stopped in Laguna and spent about 2 hours in the water.. Here are some of the shots I took that morning:

That night, I stayed in Newport specifically so I could go and shoot at the Wedge in the morning.  I got up, hit the treadmil at 5am and was then at the beach and in the water by 6:15.  One of my better sessions at the Wedge.  I didn't use my flash, but I did use my 17-40 lens, a lot of the time at 40mm.  Here is what I came away with:

I really liked the angle on this one..

I hope you enjoyed...








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Birthday Waves I rarely get out in the water when it is raining.  I also rarely get out in the water on my birthday.  I made a huge mistake last year where I looked outside, saw it was a gloomy rainy morning, and said Nah.  I am going to stay home.  The next day I saw what I missed, which was the one of the biggest swells to hit La Jolla Cove in a couple of decades.  

This year didn't have that kind of swell, but it did rain all morning long.  Not hard, but consistent.  I knew I wasn't going to get in water for a couple of weeks so I thought I would make the most of the situation. 

My buddy, photographer Jeff Vasko and I met and checked a couple of spots.  We settled on Marine St in La Jolla.  It is one of our favorite spots and we were the only ones out because of the rain.  I was playing with different shutter speeds, different zooms and mostly trying to catch water bouncing off the ocean...

Here is what I came away with:

These are some of my favorite types of shots.. I will tell you even though these are smaller waves, I take a bit of a beating gettng them...

Its always fun to play with shutter speeds...


The textues that the rains create on the water were awesome!


This was one of my favorite shots.  I was able to get the drop perfectly in focus!

My focus was on point on this wave.  I loved all the texture on this wave.


I know gloomy waves are not the as pretty to look at as waves with perfect sunshine, but it is always good to change things up..

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A Day in the OC About a month ago, the waves in La Jolla just died off.  There was just nothing.  Normally I can go out and find something to try and get creative, but there was just nothing…

So me and a buddy, photographer Jeff Vasko, decided to take a ride up to Laguna Beach to do some shooting.  The morning was cold and gray, but the waves were pretty good so it made it okay..

After we were done in Laguna, I had heard the Wedge was hitting at a pretty good size, so I decided to make my way up there.  There was a lot of water moving around and at least 100 people in the water between Wedge and Cylinders.  I did some shooting with my 300mm from the jetty and liked what I came away with…

From the Wedge...

This shot had nearly 40K views on

I hope you enjoyed this look from the Wedge Jetty.  Take at more in my recents gallery. 

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Costa Rica I recently took a trip with the family to the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  We were there for 12 days, going to five different locations within the country.  Some of the area’s that we traveled to were:

Tortuguero which is located in the Costa Rican rain forest.  This was so off the beaten path that the only way in was by boat or by plane. 

We then went on to Arenal and stayed at one of the spas below the Arenal volcano.  After trekking through the rain forest, this was a nice change of pace. 

After Arenal, we then went on to Monteverde.  This was one of my favorite places.  The hanging bridges in the cloud forest was by far my favorite places that we went. 

Lastly, we ended our trip in the beautiful beach town of Manuel Antonio.  This was a nice relaxing place to end our trip with warm pacific water and calendar quality sunsets. 

Here are some of the images that I took while in this wonderful country.. I hope you enjoy!

We were on the boat going towards the our hotel in Tortuguero and I looked back and saw a few mini waves breaking...

A 3 toed Sloth just hanging out...

This was the view walking down to the lobby at the spa we stayed at in Arenal.

The hanging bridges in the cloud forest lived up to the hype..

The beach at the end of the hike in the Manuel Antonio national park.  Kinda like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

This was the view from our hotel in Manuel Antonio

Who me?  These guys were all over the place everywhere we went in Costa Rica.

I hope you enjoyed these images.  All images as well as those in my Costa Rica gallery are avaliable for print purchase.  I would love to know what you think of the shot, so please feel free to comment!

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Nobody's Perfect Now a days, people can find great photos and photographers everywhere.  All over the internet, Facebook, Instagram, 500px, a photographer can find inspiration all over the place…..

When looking at all the great photos and the skill of some of these photographers, young aspiring photographers can sometimes get intimidated about the images that they share.  What I want to do is to show you, that nobody is perfect.  Even with the digital age that we are in, photographers miss shots for numerous reasons. 

This blog is not meant to tell you that I think I am a great photographer by any means.  More to show you, that even someone that posts the occasional good photo still requires a lot of trial and error to get that one good photo to post on social media, or my website.  With using digital it is a lot easier to shoot as much as you want.  My theory is to shoot 50 image to get 1 that absolutely stands out.  If I do that, then I fell that I have been successful.  

To back that point up a little bit.  My last time in the water shooting shorebreak was last week:

  • I shot 538 picturers 
  • I deleted 120 off of my camera.  The rest were imported into Lightroom.
  • I then deleted another 201 images after seeing something in the image that I didn't like (waterspots, really out of focus, etc.) 
  • Of the final 217, I edited 74 images.  
  • Of the ones I edited, I exported 49 images out of Lightroom.
  • Of that, only 2 images will be used on my website.  The other 47 will be used for various posts on social media. 

Here are some images that would otherwise have been deleted off my camera or would have never made it out of Lightroom…

This image i thought would have been okay, however I missed my focus point using my 50mm at a low F stop.

I think I had some water spots on my port which messed up about half of the image.

I whipped my camera around a little to quick and missed the back of the wave...

This one was just way to over exposed.  My focus point is a little off as well..

On the other end.. this one was a little under exposed.  This is sometimes tough when shooting from the water with flash because you can have everything exposed correctly, until about this point of the wave, and then your exposure is a little darker than I would like it..

I was shooing at a lower F stop on this shot.  I would have liked this a little more if I was shooting at a little higher so more was in focus.  Or if I had my focus a little deeper in the barrel.

Water spots are a water photographers worst enemy..

I would have really liked this shot, but I had my flash to high and the water is to bright for my liking.

I hope this gives people a little glimps of things that would never come out of my lightroom.  I hope you liked seeing this little BTS.


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La Jolla Clarity In January, which was my first month back in the water since my knee injury, the clarity was some of the best that I have ever seen in La Jolla or California for that matter.  There had not been a lot of swell for a couple of weeks which helped clear out a lot of the kelp and sea grass that had been in the water. 

Here are some of the images showing off the clarity….




























I really liked the detail on this upclose vortex.  

You can view more of these images (in larger size) as well as others showing the clarity from these days in my Recent's folder.


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Getting Salty... My little bit of hell is over.  Being out of the water for 2 months as the California winters swells start hitting our shores was brutal.  Seeing all my buddies from La Jolla and Laguna scoring left and right.  Wishing I was able to join them.  All that is now over.  I went out for a swim a couple of days after Christmas.  I didn’t intend to shoot, but after a little swim, I found that the waves were not really big and that the current was not strong.  My knee felt pretty good so I decided to grab my housing and camera out of the car and do a little shooting.  And by a little, I mean two hours.  And then another 3 hours the following morning.  I had no pain in my knee and am fully healed up after the sprained MCL. 

The first two days I was back in the water, the clarity was off the charts.  Some of the best that I have seen not just in La Jolla, but anywhere.  Here are some of the shots from those mornings..

This was one of my favorite vortex I shot up until this time.

This is my buddy Jeff behind the wave.


Here is a little sequence that I shot... You can see how I am positioned in the water and the amount of frames I get in a given wave.  Thats why the knowledge of the water is so important.

I loved the contrast in this image...

If you would like to see more from my first two days back in the water...  Go to and take a look at some of my better shots from these two days... Hope you enjoy!


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Gotta do something... While I had my knee on the mend and I was not allowed in the water, I tried work a lot on the other forms of photography that I do… Mostly on my landscape photography…

I tried to go a few different places around San Diego while working on this. 

My gear for these shots is:

·         Canon 5D mark3

·         Canon 17-40 f/4 lens

·         Hoya 4 stop ND Filter

·         Manfrotto tripod

I don’t use a remote trigger (although I do have on) for most of my landscape and long exposures.  I normally will change the camera to a 2 sec delay after I click.

I would love to know what you think of these shots in the comments section..

You can see a few more in my "Recents" gallery...




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Missing the View.... As some may know, I have been dealing with a knee injury suffered while in the water in the first week of November.  The injury is a sprain to my MCL in my left knee.  Anyone who has been in the water shooting photos, body boarding, etc, knows what a beating you can take in the water.  On this particular occasion, I was standing it about 2 inches of water.  A wave came a long and it was so strong and powerful, that when it started sucking the sand up, it trapped my left foot in the sand.  When the wave threw, it took my upper body with it, but left my left foot and knee trapped there.  Needless to say… it hurt… It felt like my knee cap was floating around in a bowl of jelly…

Lucky for me, that is all I did.  No surgery, but also no water activities either…  I have about 3 more weeks to go before I can get back in… and I am counting the days… 

Here are some shots that I took from the water prior to the injury…

You can see more in my “Recent” gallery as well… ENJOY!

Don't forget, you can still get 20% off all canvas print orders from now until the end of the year... Use "Holiday14" at checkout...

Here is a little shot sequence...


This was the wave that I hurt my knee on.....




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Oahu.... Anytime you hop on a flight to leave San Diego, it's hard to think that you are going somewhere more beautiful than where you just came from.  However, when your destination is Oahu, Hawaii it makes it much easier. 

I was lucky enough to get to spend the better part of six days on the island simply to do photography.  My goal was to break out of my comfort zone of wave photography and try to take different sorts of shots other than just waves from inside the water…  I wanted to highlight the beauty that I saw while I was there. 

I spent most of my time on the North Shore, but did try to do some exploring around the island.  I am going to share some of the images here, as well as my new Oahu Gallery.  I hope you enjoy…

You can check out more of my favorites from these shoots at:










Sunsets from Sharks Cove look good...even underwater...










More over/under sunsets from Sharks Cove










I went to the beach to shoot with the big green sea turtles on this morning.. so I just tried to find something else to shoot..




























All the these waves shots were taken while on the North Shore.  Summer is traditionally very flat from a wave standpoint... so I was a little lucky to get any waves that I did...

This was the view I got to wake up to every day out side my rental on the North Shore...



















More from Keiki's beach...




















Just some of the images that I took while roaming around the Island...

Can't go to Oahu without making a trip to Sandy's beach...

While shooting from the water is fun at Sandy's, it is always nice to play with new angles...

I love playing with Big Green Sea Turtles... 

Lastly, while waiting to board my flight in San Diego, I saw my friend and owner of SPL Waterhousing (who I use) Sean LaBrie.  Him and met up a few times to shoot waves and turtles.  Sean was testing out his custom housing for his 1Dx.  Good times!

Remember, if you like what you have seen here, make sure to check out my Oahu 2014 Gallery...


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New Port In anticipation for my upcoming trip to HI next week, I wanted to get a new port to do some underwater shooting with.  So I decided on a flat port for my Canon 17-40 f/4 lens.  I got it with the zoom so I can change the distance while in the water.  I have tested it out a couple of times in La Jolla over the last week.  Not too much shooting underwater with it her in SoCal due to the water clarity, but I have liked the results with it so far.  I am stoked to see what I come away with in Oahu…

What do you think on these shots?


This final shot was something I was testing out the ISO on my camera.  Shot at 1/500 sec, at F/4.5 and 1250 ISO.

More shots from this new port test can be found at

Look for more from Oahu coming soon....


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The Wedge..In all it's glory The first good South Swell of the summer hit the coast of Southern California this past weekend.  It didn’t disappoint those who were on the coast to witness it in Newport were treated to a wonderful show…


I woke up at 3 am on Sunday morning to make the trip up to The Wedge to be there before sunrise.  When I got there at 4:50am it was still pitch black out.  I open the door to my car to walk down to the beach, and for those who have never been to The Wedge, the street is a good 300-400 yards away from the beach, and can hear the waves break clear as day.  When you hear that, you know it’s big..

After walking down to check the surf, then going back to get in my car to get ready, I head back down to the beach.  Housing (w/ flash) in hand.  I get in the water and notice immediately that the current was strong… Stronger than I have felt in a long time.  That coupled with how steep the beach was with all the water rushing back from the waves that just broke, and it was making it very difficult for me to stay in the position that I wanted to be in… 


After getting tossed up the beach more times in an hour than I have in the last 2 years, I realized that Sunday was not my day.  So, I changed out of my water gear and headed back to the beach.  I was really happy though with the stuff I got from land…  Hope you enjoy..

This was one of the only shots I got from the water that was worth keeping...

This shot currently has more than 10K in views on

You can see more from this day on my Surfline Local Pro profile.  







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Radio Silence ..... Is over! I wanted to first start off this post by apologizing.  I have not been as active on my site in the past month as I would have liked.  I am hoping to change all that going forward…

As some of you know, I recently upgrade my setup.  I am now shooting with a Canon 5D Mk3.  I am still shooting with the same fisheye (Canon 8-15 f/4 L Fisheye).  I also had to upgrade my housing.  With that, I had a custom black SPL created.  




























With the new setup in hand, I have actually been getting out on a regular basis shooting the June Gloom waves and lack of sunsets.  Here are some of the images that I have taken thus far with the new setup.  We have a good swell coming through on the holiday weekend, so look for more and more new shots…









































And Yes....I still have the Flash going....






















There will be lots of shooting this 4th of July weekend so look for new shots soon...


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Fun with the 50mm First things first… I am very sorry that I have not been posting nearly as much as I use to. 

I recently switched jobs and am in a completely new industry.  So trying to learn everything that goes with that has been very time consuming… However now that I am getting a grasp on that, it is freeing up some of my time..

As far as photography related activities…I am still working on my “Art” of Surfing project and will have some announcements about that soon.  Other than that, I have getting out as much as I can, trying to shoot different things with different people and different lens and different situations.  

I got a Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens a few months back to use for portraits but I have also been using it quite a bit with from the water, and am loving the results.. Here are some of my more recent shots using that lens over the last couple of weeks…

Hope you enjoy!


]]> ( 50mm Calrsbad La Jolla Paddle Board SPL sunset water photography Mon, 05 May 2014 17:24:31 GMT
The "Art" of Surfing A lot of you who frequent my site and various social media outlets, know how busy my life has gotten in recent years.  A toddler who is growing every day.  A wife who I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with, do to both our busy schedules.  Two wonderful Aussie Shepard’s that don’t go for enough walks.   A full time project management career.  And last but not least, surf and portrait photography that act as a hobby and side business. 


During the time that I have been shooting surf, I have had the opportunity to meet many fantastic and talented people from all over the world.  Surfers, videographers, photographers, sponsors, artists and the list goes on and on.  When talking to these people there is always one thing that is constant.  They all have love for the ocean and the surf culture. 


While I was on the North Shore of Oahu last winter, I was talking with a few people and I started thinking to myself how much I love hearing about how the surf culture inspires people.  That is when I started to think about how I could do a photography project with that premise in mind.  I asked myself how people convey their love of the ocean and surf. The answer was simple.   Art! 


It was then I started to think about how people perceive surf related art.  What most people consider surf related art is in photographs.  While that is right up my alley, I wanted to think a little more outside of the box.  Carvers, painters, shapers.  Thus, ‘The “Art” of Surfing’ project was born. 


I wanted to bring more awareness to fantastic surf inspired artist.  While I am particularly grateful to the artists that have agreed to be part of my project, I wanted people to think about other arts besides photography with this project.  I have been conducting various “behind the scenes” type shoots with each of the artist.  At the end of all the shoots, I would like to do a couple of showings (one is San Diego and one in Orange County) where the artists will have their piece on display as well as showing some of our favorite shots from the sessions.  That is where you come in…


As of today, I have launched a KickStarter page to help us out with some of the funds needed to do these shows.  Take a look at the link below to read more about who the artists are, more background about the project and some rewards for helping us out.

On behalf of all the artists that are participating in the project and myself included of course, thanks for taking the time to read this, much longer than normal, blog post and consideration for helping out with the showings. 


Here are a few shots that were taken during the first few shoots… 

]]> ( Art Surf The Art of Surfing portraits Wed, 12 Mar 2014 20:21:10 GMT