Local Pro?.... Surfline thinks so...

October 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

A few months ago I was received an email from a nice and helpful lady at Surfline..

The email was very complimentary and talked about how they were revamping the way they showed photos on their site.  They were introducing a new “Local Pros” section.  They were looking for photographers that shot their local breaks, regardless if it was waves, lifestyle, surf, etc.  I was stoked to be asked.  Since then, and as with all my other sites though, I have been terrible about uploading shots there, and even doing any advertising of it.  However, I made a point to get some galleries uploaded over the weekend.

I am going to start posting sessions here.  High Res image downloads are for sale here for a very reasonable rate.  I will begin posting my sessions here going forward.

Take a min and check it out.  If you are a Surfline user as well, don’t be afraid to follow me there…..


Click the logo to go to my profile....



















Hope you all enjoy....  Look for my next post about my trip to the Wedge from this past weekend.



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