Updates to Calendar buying

November 25, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Since my “re-release” of my calendars, I have gotten some feedback on the ordering process.  I wanted to let everyone know that I have worked to simplify it.

Now, when you go into each gallery for the calendar you want, you will find one image.  It contains the cover of each calendar and the images that are contained within each calendar. 

The La Jolla Calendar

Waves of SoCal Calendar

The Sun Calendar

On the right side you can see the options you have for buying..

Wall (No boarder) - $19.95

Desk Calendar - $10.00

Wall (Black boarder) - $19.95

*Prices exclude shipping


Select one of those options and continue with the buying process.

Sorry for any difficulties from before…Have a great Thanksgiving week ahead


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