Waves by night

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I thought I would post this here as well since some don't subscribe to my Facebook page or The Inertia Web site...

Here is a little write up I did for The Inertia website on my night wave photography


Water photography is not what it used to be. Let’s just start there.

While I have not been in the water as long as a lot of the watermen I know, I have seen a huge surge of photographers in the water during the last few years. That makes getting a unique shot, particularly of an empty wave, more and more difficult. Whether it is surf or wave photography you’re into, GoPro (and other small handheld digital cameras) are now a staple in the lineup, like it or not. And they are not going to vanish any time soon since each new version brings about further improvements in technology allowing even amateurs to have the potential to take quality water shots. I do believe that those who shoot with a DSLR still have a leg up. Yes, I am biased because I shoot DSLR. Photographers can be more creative with DSLRs since they control the camera settings – just take a look at slow shutter photos by Ray Collins and you will understand.

Another way DSLR users have an advantage is through their ability to utilize flash. In my opinion, night shooting creates some of the most unique images from the water. I only know of a handful of water photographers that use their flash in this way. In an attempt to stand out from the crowd, I recently decided to undertake night wave-shooting myself. After a couple of failed attempts initially, due to improper settings, I now believe it has produced some of my best and most memorable wave shots.

This is a taste of the shots I am getting at night…





































































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