Getting Salty...

January 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My little bit of hell is over.  Being out of the water for 2 months as the California winters swells start hitting our shores was brutal.  Seeing all my buddies from La Jolla and Laguna scoring left and right.  Wishing I was able to join them.  All that is now over.  I went out for a swim a couple of days after Christmas.  I didn’t intend to shoot, but after a little swim, I found that the waves were not really big and that the current was not strong.  My knee felt pretty good so I decided to grab my housing and camera out of the car and do a little shooting.  And by a little, I mean two hours.  And then another 3 hours the following morning.  I had no pain in my knee and am fully healed up after the sprained MCL. 

The first two days I was back in the water, the clarity was off the charts.  Some of the best that I have seen not just in La Jolla, but anywhere.  Here are some of the shots from those mornings..

This was one of my favorite vortex I shot up until this time.

This is my buddy Jeff behind the wave.


Here is a little sequence that I shot... You can see how I am positioned in the water and the amount of frames I get in a given wave.  Thats why the knowledge of the water is so important.

I loved the contrast in this image...

If you would like to see more from my first two days back in the water...  Go to and take a look at some of my better shots from these two days... Hope you enjoy!



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