Nobody's Perfect

February 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Now a days, people can find great photos and photographers everywhere.  All over the internet, Facebook, Instagram, 500px, a photographer can find inspiration all over the place…..

When looking at all the great photos and the skill of some of these photographers, young aspiring photographers can sometimes get intimidated about the images that they share.  What I want to do is to show you, that nobody is perfect.  Even with the digital age that we are in, photographers miss shots for numerous reasons. 

This blog is not meant to tell you that I think I am a great photographer by any means.  More to show you, that even someone that posts the occasional good photo still requires a lot of trial and error to get that one good photo to post on social media, or my website.  With using digital it is a lot easier to shoot as much as you want.  My theory is to shoot 50 image to get 1 that absolutely stands out.  If I do that, then I fell that I have been successful.  

To back that point up a little bit.  My last time in the water shooting shorebreak was last week:

  • I shot 538 picturers 
  • I deleted 120 off of my camera.  The rest were imported into Lightroom.
  • I then deleted another 201 images after seeing something in the image that I didn't like (waterspots, really out of focus, etc.) 
  • Of the final 217, I edited 74 images.  
  • Of the ones I edited, I exported 49 images out of Lightroom.
  • Of that, only 2 images will be used on my website.  The other 47 will be used for various posts on social media. 

Here are some images that would otherwise have been deleted off my camera or would have never made it out of Lightroom…

This image i thought would have been okay, however I missed my focus point using my 50mm at a low F stop.

I think I had some water spots on my port which messed up about half of the image.

I whipped my camera around a little to quick and missed the back of the wave...

This one was just way to over exposed.  My focus point is a little off as well..

On the other end.. this one was a little under exposed.  This is sometimes tough when shooting from the water with flash because you can have everything exposed correctly, until about this point of the wave, and then your exposure is a little darker than I would like it..

I was shooing at a lower F stop on this shot.  I would have liked this a little more if I was shooting at a little higher so more was in focus.  Or if I had my focus a little deeper in the barrel.

Water spots are a water photographers worst enemy..

I would have really liked this shot, but I had my flash to high and the water is to bright for my liking.

I hope this gives people a little glimps of things that would never come out of my lightroom.  I hope you liked seeing this little BTS.



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