Today there are a lot of Social Media outlets that photographers use to share their work.  Here are the ones I am on:


With more than 19K in followers, this is where I post most frequently







I use my FB page to display other shot not seen on Instagram or my site.  I will also post blog updates, naming contests as other random updates as it relates to my photography.


SurfingEye Images | Promote Your Page Too


A newer "Blog" type picture app.  I am having a lot of fun on this and will be posting smaller subsets of shoots in this.  Follow me there

Screenshot Screenshot   Screenshot


When Surfline launched their Local Pro feature for photographers, they asked me to be one of the first for launch, representing the La Jolla area.  This is where I will post various session for surfers to be able to buy cheap high res downloadable shots...





500px, Pintrest 

500px and Pintrest are two other social media sites that I share my work on.  I don't use these two nearly enough, but you can follow my work there as well.