Fun with the 50mm

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First things first… I am very sorry that I have not been posting nearly as much as I use to. 

I recently switched jobs and am in a completely new industry.  So trying to learn everything that goes with that has been very time consuming… However now that I am getting a grasp on that, it is freeing up some of my time..

As far as photography related activities…I am still working on my “Art” of Surfing project and will have some announcements about that soon.  Other than that, I have getting out as much as I can, trying to shoot different things with different people and different lens and different situations.  

I got a Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens a few months back to use for portraits but I have also been using it quite a bit with from the water, and am loving the results.. Here are some of my more recent shots using that lens over the last couple of weeks…

Hope you enjoy!


The "Art" of Surfing

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A lot of you who frequent my site and various social media outlets, know how busy my life has gotten in recent years.  A toddler who is growing every day.  A wife who I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with, do to both our busy schedules.  Two wonderful Aussie Shepard’s that don’t go for enough walks.   A full time project management career.  And last but not least, surf and portrait photography that act as a hobby and side business. 


During the time that I have been shooting surf, I have had the opportunity to meet many fantastic and talented people from all over the world.  Surfers, videographers, photographers, sponsors, artists and the list goes on and on.  When talking to these people there is always one thing that is constant.  They all have love for the ocean and the surf culture. 


While I was on the North Shore of Oahu last winter, I was talking with a few people and I started thinking to myself how much I love hearing about how the surf culture inspires people.  That is when I started to think about how I could do a photography project with that premise in mind.  I asked myself how people convey their love of the ocean and surf. The answer was simple.   Art! 


It was then I started to think about how people perceive surf related art.  What most people consider surf related art is in photographs.  While that is right up my alley, I wanted to think a little more outside of the box.  Carvers, painters, shapers.  Thus, ‘The “Art” of Surfing’ project was born. 


I wanted to bring more awareness to fantastic surf inspired artist.  While I am particularly grateful to the artists that have agreed to be part of my project, I wanted people to think about other arts besides photography with this project.  I have been conducting various “behind the scenes” type shoots with each of the artist.  At the end of all the shoots, I would like to do a couple of showings (one is San Diego and one in Orange County) where the artists will have their piece on display as well as showing some of our favorite shots from the sessions.  That is where you come in…


As of today, I have launched a KickStarter page to help us out with some of the funds needed to do these shows.  Take a look at the link below to read more about who the artists are, more background about the project and some rewards for helping us out.

On behalf of all the artists that are participating in the project and myself included of course, thanks for taking the time to read this, much longer than normal, blog post and consideration for helping out with the showings. 


Here are a few shots that were taken during the first few shoots… 

Newish shots

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Surprise surprise, I have been lagging on getting shots posted on my site.  The last time I updated my "Recents" gallery was right after I got back from Oahu.  More than 2 months ago..  

While I have a huge backlog of shots to share you all, here are some from the past good swell that hit La Jolla a couple of weeks ago.  These are the ones that didn't make the final cut for the website...

To see what did make my site... Check out

More shots coming....

Zoe McDougall

January 29, 2014  •  1 Comment

As frequent followers of my work remember, I took a trip to the North Shore of Oahu last month. 

Since it was my first time there, I got the chance to do a lot of different type of shooting.  Pipe Masters, Shooting with the turtles, playing in the shore break of Waimea bay. 

One of the other cool things I got to do was shoot with local up and comer named Zoe McDougall. 

I first learned about Zoe on my walk down to Lowers during the 2012 USA championships.  I started to have a conversation with a nice lady talking about her beautiful niece who is from the north shore and is the youngest person in the contest.  Zoe McDougall.

So I made sure to keep an eye on her in the U12 finals.  While Zoe wasn't able to catch a lot of good waves in that heat, the ones she did, you could see the talent was there.

After the comp was over I emailed Zoe's mother, Joy, letting her know who I was and also sending her the shots I took while at the contest.  Since then I have kept in touch with Joy and shooting with Zoe any time she is in the SoCal area.

When it was time for me to look at booking my trip out to the North Shore, I contacted Joy and let her know I was planning my trip. 

Upon arriving in Oahu, I was finally able to meet the family that I had talked with so much over the years. 

While I was there, I got to shoot with Zoe a couple of times.  Once at the famed North Shore break known as Gas Chambers.  The 2nd time was at Zoe's home break of Sunset Beach.  It was great to see just how much better she had gotten in the year since I had last watched her surf.

It was also really cool to see how she surfed in her own element.  The previous sessions I had watched her were in the not so big summer waves at Lowers.  The day I saw her surf sunset, was at least overhead and some sets were double.

Here are some of the shots I was able to get with Zoe during my trip.  You can see more from our sessions including some of my first shots with her in her gallery on my site.  You can also visit her site

Checking the sets and getting ready..

Pre-sunrise surfing at Gas Chambers..

Thought this was a fun little sequence...

A nice little hack...

Making the drop at Sunset Beach

Not many people Zoe's age would want anything to do with the size of waves she was in on this day...

It is all about scale...  

I can't wait to get the opportunity to shoot with Zoe again either in SoCal or on the North Shore where she is very comfortable riding small and big waves alike.  

Camra Overdrive

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With the great waves that Southern California was rewarded with to start the new year, my camera was put into over drive.  I was shooting every day sometimes for up to four hours at a time…  Different locations, and different types of shoots were the theme (and will be a theme throughout this year).  I got to meet up with a few buddies to shoot, and even shoot all by my lonesome on a couple occasions.  And with how big water photography is right now, you know how rare that can be. 

Let start first in North County.  Here are some shots that were taken last week in North County San Diego…

More from this day can be found at

Hope you enjoy...

Naming Contest

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Don't forget...Tomorrow night (Thursday 12.19) is the end to my current naming contest.

The winner will recieve the following:

  1. A FREE 8x10 of the image
  2. A FREE 2014 SurfingEye Desk Calendar
  3. Naming credit on my website for the image (ex. Named By: Jon Doe)


  1. All name submissions must be in by midnight of 12.19.
  2. Names must be three (3) words or less
  3. Names must be clean in nature

Be creatative and fun.  

Tails from the North Shore

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As a lot of you know…I was in O’ahu for about five days.  I have been back just about a week and can already say, I can’t wait to go back. 

Forget the fact that it was December and the air temp while I was there was between 78 – 85 degrees.  Also forget the fact that it was the first time ALL YEAR that I was able to go in the ocean in just board shorts (Water temp was around 79 degrees).  

I spent all five days on the North Shore of O’ahu.  It was my first time being there, but I assure you it will not be my last.  The beauty that this part of the island has, is un-parallel. 

Just being able to experience things like, sea turtles brushing past my leg as they swim by, walking up to a beach only to see Clark Little (one of my favorite photographers) getting in, witnessing my first (and probably the most epic) Pipe Masters, and also (and still cool and humbling at the same time) walking into the water at Waimea Bay to shoot, only to be asked “Are you Hons24? (My Instagram handle).  It was in a word…Awesome!!


Anywho, I will stop babbling and get to why you clicked on this.  Here are just some of the shots that didn't make my gallery…  

2012 ASP Title holder Joel Parkinson out for a morning ride at Pipe

To see the ones that did make it...You can click on:

Hope you enjoyed!


Holiday Package deal

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For Cyber Monday, I wanted to announce my 2014 Holiday package.

Get a 2014 SurfingEye Wall calendar (with or without boarder) and receive a free 8x10 print.

Simply go to

Choose the package you want...

Select the calendar you would like...

Then select the picture you would like in an 8x10 and check out...


I have included some never released images.  However, if you have seen a picture that I have previously posted on social media that is not in this gallery, simply let me know and I can have it added.


Hope you can take advantage of this great deal..

Here are some of the images that are within this gallery for your choice for an 8x10..

Updates to Calendar buying

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Since my “re-release” of my calendars, I have gotten some feedback on the ordering process.  I wanted to let everyone know that I have worked to simplify it.

Now, when you go into each gallery for the calendar you want, you will find one image.  It contains the cover of each calendar and the images that are contained within each calendar. 

The La Jolla Calendar

Waves of SoCal Calendar

The Sun Calendar

On the right side you can see the options you have for buying..

Wall (No boarder) - $19.95

Desk Calendar - $10.00

Wall (Black boarder) - $19.95

*Prices exclude shipping


Select one of those options and continue with the buying process.

Sorry for any difficulties from before…Have a great Thanksgiving week ahead

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